by Brita Chell
Member, Church of St. Stephen and St. Bede
Member, Joint Anglican Lutheran Commission
The Church of St. Stephen and St. Bede
99 Turner Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3J 2S9
St. Stephen and St. Bede is located on Treaty No. 1 land, the traditional territory of the Cree, Ojibway and Dakota and also the homeland of the Metis Nation. 
At St. Stephen and St. Bede we strive to live
into God's reconciling love and grace.
We are a family of Anglicans and Lutherans
who worship as one on Sundays,
and who look to become
all God means us to be in Christ.
Join us Sundays at 11 am.
Worship Service - Sundays at 11 a.m.
Communion and Bible Study - Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.
February 26: Transfiguration of Our Lord
April 2: Lent 5

​​​​Enjoy the music, be inspired and uplifted
Faith In Action
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St. Stephen and St. Bede members
setting many different examples
of faith in action.
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Sunday, December 11

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The Church of St. Stephen and St. Bede takes its commitment to the neighbourhood seriously. 
We offer spaces and facilities you can rent for all kinds of functions.
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Wintertime Gifts: Derek Legge is offering personalized, wood-crafted snowmen as a fundraiser for just $10.  A sample is on the church office window.  

Derek is also taking orders for Show & Save books for $20: Great Savings – Great Gifts!  Sign up on the sheet outside the office window for an early March delivery.

Look who stopped to help!  Just as we are always grateful for our friend Greg's efforts in keeping our sidewalks clear every winter, he was pleased when "angel" ​Janet Chell grabbed a shovel to lighten his load on the frosty evening of January 3.

Members of the St. Stephen and St. Bede Altar Guild enjoyed an Epiphany party following their annual meeting January 3, 2017.  Our Photo Gallery is frequently updated with similar pictures of faith in action!

Churches for Freedom Road has provided an encouraging update about progress in making Shoal Lake 40's Freedom Road a reality.  Construction is expected to begin this winter under a three-way funding agreement between the Province of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg and federal government.  Click link below for details from a recent CBC news story:

We've Got Hope Now: Deal reached to build Shoal Lake 40's Freedom Road

In the meantime, they could still use our prayers. See   More You Can Do on this website.
Starting in January, we will commemorate 500 years of the Reformation. Our church has planned a number of activities through the year, including learning the music that Martin Luther wrote and appears in our hymnals. On Sundays we will feature one of Luther's hymns. Many thanks to Carole Grier for her leadership in this project!   Meantime, watch for details of other programs honoring the 500th anniversary in the new year​!
The Loaves and Fishes songsters, directed by Carole Grier (right) were a musical highlight of  our  latest Contemporary service on Advent 3 Sunday, December 11.

At the  ​Advent 3 worship service on December 11, National Indigenous Bishop Mark Macdonald brought a message of hope and reconciliation as our latest Mission Sunday guest speaker.  Click Mission Sundays to learn about past guest speakers. 

During a recent visit from ​​Canon Jason Mosuke of Central Buganda, we learned that our companion parish of Galitea is in need of a “boda boda” (aka scooter) so that the local parish rector can visit his parish members. We have decided to raise the money - about $2,000 - for them to purchase it. Please make your donation by marking “boda boda” on your offering envelope.  Visit our More You Can Do web page to learn about other opportunities to give and support.
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90th Birthday Celebration
for Ursula Lange

Join us for a light lunch following Sunday service

Annual General Meeting
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​following Sunday service


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